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Eat In The Cafeteria

All schools participating in the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Program must adhere to USDA School Meal Guidelines. Additionally, in response to the increased incidence of childhood overweight and obesity, schools are required to adopt and maintain a wellness policy. Chartwells Nutrition Standards have long exceeded USDA standards as part of Our Promise to nourish students and to provide expertise to the academic community.

Serving the Academic Community

Chartwells employs more food and nutrition specialists serving the academic community than any other food service company. All of our recipes, menus and nutrition programs are designed by a network of Registered Dietitians and professional Chefs. This team provides local support for every school district we serve. Our Nutrition Specialists monitor nutrition trends, collaborate with governmental agencies to support federal programming and maintain memberships to support national thought leadership with industry associations including Action for Healthy Kids, the American Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association, the National Restaurant Association, and the School Nutrition Association.

Accommodating Special Dietary Needs

The number of students with special dietary needs and life-threatening food allergies has increased over the last several years.

  • According to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network, 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies
  • According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, 2 million children with food allergies

The Chartwells Allergy Procedure is in place to ensure that allergies and medical conditions are well managed:

  • Foodservice Directors are trained, aware of all student allergies, and reviews ingredients of all food that are purchased
  • Food distributors are directed to highlight substitution foods to ensure they are checked by the school manager for offending allergens. In extreme cases, schools do not accept substitutions
  • School manager is trained to review menu ingredients on a daily basis to ensure offending foods are not used in production
  • Allergy information is inputted into the computerized point of sale system to alert the cashier of student allergies

Our Programs


Environments ®

is our age-specific, customized school dining program that resonates with students, administrators and parents alike. Developed with market research and student feedback, it transforms the typical cafeteria into a unique social learning experience with an emphasis on high quality Balanced Choices® meals, nutrition education, and prompt, friendly service. Environments encourages students to make good meal choices and promotes wellness in the cafeteria, in the classroom and at home.

Be A Star

Be A Star

Be-A-star is a program that recognizes associates and teams for achieving Chartwells' business initiatives with excellence. The Be-A-star program allows operations to achieve business excellence by reinforcing Compass Group's Vision and Values - Great People, providing Great Service, for Great Results!

Balanced Choices

Balanced Choices ®

is Chartwells' comprehensive approach to health and wellness teaching students and the school community how to make sound choices for healthy lifestyles. This award-winning program provides healthy meal options, nutrition education and a meal guidance system for students which assist them in making the most nutritious options when selecting meals, snacks, and beverages at school. Each selection meets precise nutrition criteria and incorporates more whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits, vegetables and low-fat options into the menu.

Morning Editions

Chartwells Breakfast Programs

Chartwells recognizes that breakfast plays a role in improving academic performance. Morning Editions ™ breakfast program features a variety of wholesome options daily that students can't resist - fresh fruit, hot sandwiches, home-style oatmeal and much more. Eye-catching merchandising and POS signage make breakfast fun and encourage students to eat the most important meal of the day. In addition, we also offer Breakfast in the Classroom so that more students will get the nutrition they need to start their day.


Chartbusters Wellness Promotions

Chartbusters is a proprietary Chartwells program which promotes school meals and provides a unique nutrition education program for students. Three separate campaigns build excitement for elementary, middle and high school students throughout the school year. Our Eat.Learn.Live. characters- Theodore Eat, Sydney C. Learn and Ava Live- help promote balanced choices for Elementary students. Cool graphics and up-to-date messages convey the wellness message for Middle and High school students.

Menu Mania

Menu Mania

Menu Mania is Chartwells' approach to menu development that embraces standards in the areas of nutrition, cost, and quality. The program also allows for customization to meet the diverse preferences of our students. Chartwells menus are developed with our Director of Menu Management collaborating with a team of our registered dietitians to create an extensive variety of healthy meals that appeal to students. All of our recipes are tested and nutritionally analyzed to meet or exceed USDA nutrition guidelines.

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