• Community Activities

    Creating Experiences

    We don't limit our sustainability engagement to messaging in the cafeteria, we bring it to classrooms and community events, expanding the conversation to establish and foster healthy habits. Just as we approach nutrition education through hands-on learning experiences, we create opportunities for students to learn about sustainability firsthand in fun, engaging ways. Events to connect students to local foods on the menu include farmers markets, cooking demonstrations with local produce, hosting a farmer for lunch, or arranging field trips to nearby farms.

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  • Nutrition Education

    Fueling Student Success

    Education is paramount. We believe food should be a discovery, an adventure, and that kids learn more when they are experiencing something versus simply taking in information. Our education programs are built on this belief and designed to provide engaging and impactful food discovery experiences. Our Discovery Kitchen curriculum and events will bring interactive learning experiences to our schools as an extension of the traditional classroom.

  • Careers

    Interested in joining our team? 

    Creating a happy and healthy environment for students and associates begins with our people. Our associates are the heart and soul of our program, and we empower them to bring their own unique flavor of hospitality to the cafeteria.

     We would be thrilled for you to consider Chartwells K12 as the next step of your Compass career journey. Together, we will continue to make Chartwells K12 altogethergreat.

    Check out compasscareers.com for more information on our current available positions.

  • Involvement

    ​Listen, listen, listen. That's the foundation for how we build customized programs that deliver results and ensure every student leaves the cafeteria happier and healthier than they came in. We don't just listen; we react and respond. By regularly measuring and reviewing our program performance, we're able to ensure we're meeting, if not exceeding, our plans and the expectations of students, parents, administrators and the community. Here are some of the tools we use to strengthen our partnership with you:

    ​Listen to Students
    Engage Parents
    Partner with Administrators
    ​Involve the Community

  • Mobile Menus

    Our partnership with Nutrislice brings the latest technology to help make menus, nutrition and allergy information easy to access for your students and families in all of our schools. We've taken the student experience to the next level by creating a customized solution via the mobile app, dynamic websites, digital signage integrated to our proprietary menu planning software – Webtrition. Combined with a custom portfolio of more than 1,000 original photos of what's actually on the menu, recipe descriptions, allergen information and latest news, our partners have given this solution rave reviews. Now available in over 50 languages and is Alexa-enabled!


  • Scholarships


    Creating a happy and healthy environment for students and associates begins with our people. Our associates are the heart and soul of our program, and we empower them to bring their own unique flavor of hospitality to the cafeteria.

    We know that when they succeed, we succeed. This is why we provide opportunities for continuing education in taking their career to the next level. Created through our corporate education partnership with DeVry University, our scholarship program provides opportunities to eligible associates to obtain their associate degree in business.

    Surprising Our National Scholarship Recipient!

    Recently our CEO flew to Syracuse, New York to award our first full scholarship recipient, Tammy Pittsley, DDS at Syracuse Academy of Science, and we captured the surprise announcement on video. Congratulations Tammy!


  • Press Releases
  • In The News
  • Case Studies
  • Chartwells Culinary Innovation Council

    The Culinary Innovation Council is a collective of Chartwells chefs from around the country who work together to bring the latest food trends and new menu items to your schools. Beyond serving as culinary trend-spotters, throughout the year, council members are given culinary challenges to develop new recipes based on student feedback, marketplace insights and menu development needs. This process continually expands your recipe set and promotes engagement in the cafeteria with opportunities to meet the chefs and taste/vote for new menu items. The council also reinforces our chef-driven menu development approach and provides opportunities for culinary career development.

  • Associates

    We are revolutionizing the K12 foodservice industry, and we're doing it through the heart and dedication of our associates. Our associates engage students in fun and educational activities, providing experiences that introduce new ingredients and flavors, teach them about nutrition and cooking, and inspire them to be excited about food and wellness. We are in the business of creating memories and healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

  • Class Act

    ​Creating a happy and healthy environment for students and associates begins by hiring people who genuinely care about the students and school they serve. Our associates are the heart and soul of our program, and we empower them to bring their own unique flavor of hospitality to the cafeteria. Our Class Act program recognizes associates who have served their school and Chartwells in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through their work and exhibiting a positive and supportive attitude. Below are just a few of our Class Act's friendly faces.

  • Discovery Ktichen At Home

    Learning experiences that spark curiosity, discovery and a sense of adventure are the cornerstone of our innovative approach to nutrition education. With our Discovery Kitchen at Home series, students can participate in fun activities that introduces them to new foods, flavors and nutrition outside of the classroom.​​

    Happy & Healthy Recipe Collection

    Discovery Kitchen Video Series

  • Community

    We are passionate about what we do both on campus and in the community and we’re dedicated to creating happy environments wherever we are. Chartwells is one of the country’s great corporate citizens. We recognize our associates don’t just work in the communities we serve, they live there. They are often leaders in the community, working to improve the lives of everyone around them. Our program is not just for the schools; it is for the entire community and we want to be a resource for your area, participating in local celebrations and festivals.

  • Environments

    Eat Right, Bite by Bite

    Each year, Chartwells schools celebrate National Nutrition Month to encourage students and adults to make healthy choices both in and outside of the school cafe. This year's theme, "Eat Right, Bite by Bite" is all about ​​choosing delicious foods that also happen to be healthy for you!

    Students in schools will learn all about the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits through chef demonstrations and food education, and trying fun new recipes.

    ​​ ​