• eat. learn. live. School Garden Program

    The eat. learn. live. School Garden Program is a detailed garden playbook loaded with instructive and creative gardening tips, nutrition education materials, and tips for building community garden support. The guide was developed in partnership by Chartwells K12 and KidsGardening.org, a resource of the National Gardening Association, and brings together an unprecedented combination of gardening, nutrition and culinary expertise through a range of resources to help make impactful school gardens possible in any school.

    To receive a copy of the full eat. learn. live. School Garden Program, please send an email with your name, school district and contact information to ChartwellsK12@compass-usa.com!

  • Nutrition Education

    ​In partnership with KidsGardening.org, our chefs and dietitians have created a wealth of nutrition education materials for all seasons of a garden including lesson ideas for educators, gardening tips, fun facts and recipes. 

    Click on the Simply Good nutrition education materials from this month and next to learn more!

    Simply Good - Apples

    Simply Good - Basil

    Simply Good - Beets

    Simply Good - Broccoli

    Simply Good - Carrots

    Simply Good - Lettuce

    Simple Good - Oranges

    Simply Good - Snap Peas

    Simply Good - Strawberries

    Simply Good - Tomatoes

  • Garden 1, 2, 3 Quick Start

    ​The best advice for any school contemplating the installation of a garden is to start small. Our Garden 1, 2, 3 quick start guide will help you begin down the path of planning a school garden!



  • School Gardens

    Introducing the 

    eat. learn. live. and Grow School Garden Program

    Planting the se​​eds of health and wellness is a shared priority for Chartwells and KidsGardening.org. Together we introduced the eat. learn. live. School Garden Program, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive resource developed in partnership with KidsGardening.or​g. The program guides our teams and educators through the process of successfully developing, growing and sustaining school gardens regardless of space, climate or resources they may have currently available.​ 

    ​Don't forget to request your copy of the award-winning eat. learn. live. School Garden Program by emailing ChartwellsK12@compass-usa.com!

    We are thrilled to build and enhance school gardens across the country so more children have the hands on opportunity to

    eat. learn. live. and Grow!



    We are honored that the eat. learn. live School Garden Progam has been recognized as a 2016 BEST CONCEPT by Food Management Magazine! The Best Concept Awards recognize and showcase outstanding innovation in the food service industry, and the eat. learn. live. School Garden Program stood out among the competition as a comprehensive tool to help guide school districts successfully grow, develop and sustain a school garden regardless of space, climate or resources.


  • Mobile Menus through Nutrislice and Webtrition



    Our exclusive partnership with Nutrislice brings the latest technology to help make menus, nutrition and allergy information easy to access for your students and families in all of our schools. We've taken the student experience to the next level by creating a customized solution via the mobile app, dynamic websites, digital signage integrated to our proprietary menu planning software – Webtrition. Combined with a custom portfolio of more than 1,000 original photos of what's actually on the menu, recipe descriptions and latest news, our partners have given this solution rave reviews!


     Watch below to see how it works!


  • Bullying Prevention

    Chartwells K12 and Prevent Child Abuse America have teamed up to take on bullying where it can commonly take place - in the café and online. Targeted bullying prevention and intervention training has been conducted with thousands of Chartwells K12 associates, giving our teams the tools and knowledge to prevent bullying while also making our teams more comfortable in taking action when they see bullying behaviors.

    To expand on this effort, Chartwells K12 and Prevent Child Abuse America partnered with Hampton Creek to launch #JustStandUp - a social campaign promoting positive online behaviors and building upstanders - instead of bystanders! - among students in and outside of school. 

    Check out our #JustStandUp​​ video, share it with your students, community and social networks to start the conversation:


    Please visit our #JustStandUp blog series for additional tips, tools and resources to begin the dialogue with your students about cyberbullying.

    For more information:



  • Press Releases
  • In The News
  • Case Studies
  • Educational Partnerships and Research

    Chartwells partners with several universities and industry groups to advance research on school dining and to stay on top of emerging school dining trends. 

    Most recently, Chartwells partnered with the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs (B.E.N. Center) to study the impacts of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act and how principles from the nationwide Smarter Lunchrooms initiative can help students embrace nutritious foods.  

    Through our partnership with Duke University Fuqua School of Business, we conduct research studies on topics such as breakfast and fruit and vegetable consumption.  Recent findings show that positive reinforcement, combined with parental involvement at home, increases fruit and vegetable consumption by students in schools.

    Chartwells has also developed a Child Nutrition Advisory Council that brings together a distinguished group of industry leaders in the fields of nutrition, physical activity, pediatric medicine, sustainable agriculture, dietetics, non-profit foundations and academia. This council assists our wellness team in designing unique, innovative programs that promote our school districts as nutrition leaders. The knowledge and expertise of each member of the council helps us strengthen our scientific credibility, objectively evaluate our existing programs, and develop future initiatives.

    ​ ​

    Download, print and color Sydney C. Learn, Ava Live and Theodore Eat: Chartwells_Characters_sketches.pdf


  • Giving Back

    Chartwells is involved with several organizations and groups within our communities that enable us to give back and make a difference.  Chartwells supports various food banks around the country to create and implement summer feeding programs for those without access to fresh and healthy foods.  We also help with food drives and programs such as Blessings in a Backpack throughout the year, especially around the holiday season. 

  • Sustainability

    Chartwells is committed to the environment and sustainability initiatives that enrich our student’s lives, and our communities.  We:

    • Champion local farmers and fair trade.
    • Reduce the use of antibiotics in chicken.
    • Promote farm animal welfare through the use of cage-free shell eggs as a customized solution for interested districts.
    • Use dairies for milk and yogurt that do not treat cows with growth hormone.
    • Choose vendors that have established standards regarding the humane treatment of animals.
    • Commit to healthier oceans with sustainable seafood purchasing policies.
    • Promote locally grown produce and support local farms for Chartwells partner school districts
  • Classroom Curriculum

    Ten-minute nutrition and sustainability lessons are designed to meet curriculum standards and teach students about wellness. Chartwells nutrition team has developed numerous lesson plans designed to meet curriculum standards for math, science and social studies.

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