• Breakfast & Lunch

    A Better Way to Start Your Day ​

    Studies show that children who eat breakfast perform better in school and have improved behaviors.  A recent study by Chartwells and Duke University that examined students’ fruit and vegetable consumption around breakfast found that positive reinforcement, combined with parental involvement at home, increases fruit and vegetable consumption by students in schools.  With Chartwells, students can choose from several delicious on-the-go breakfast items such as specialty flatbreads and popovers, yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit pizza and more.  

    Special events such as “Breakfast by You” encourage students to sample new breakfast foods and vote on their favorites that are then added to the menu.  Breakfast promotional materials are also hung around the cafes encouraging students to “Rise & Shine with Breakfast” and providing tips on nutritious and delicious breakfast options to help their start their day the right way.


    Delicious Is What's For Lunch ​

    Lunches in our cafes are ideal for every palate and every age group and we’re bringing students’ favorite foods from outside school inside, including fresh local fruits and vegetables, pizza, classic All-American burgers and foods with Asian flair and bold, BBQ flavors.  All of our food is made with care and utilizes lean meats, low-fat cheeses and whole grains. ​