• Food Promotions


    Chefs have a unique ability to deliver nutrition advice and culinary trends in a way that resonates with students.  Under this program, guest chefs make planned visits to our cafes, demonstrating healthy meals and introducing and celebrating new foods.


    Food Fun for Elementary Students

    Healthy eating habits are best instilled at an early age and Chartwells is uniquely equipped with the tools and resources to educate our youngest students through creative characters they can relate to.

    Theo, Sydney and Ava are Chartwells’ nutrition mascots and brand ambassadors! As a team, Theo, Sydney and​ Ava embody the balance of activities that promote well-rounded young people. As individuals​, they each have their own unique personalities too, of course.

    Sydney C. Learn:

    Sydney knows good nutrition is important to help feed growing brains and he is excited that the school café offers lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains that help him stay full and focused. Learning about nutrition is important to Sydney and he enjoys sharing his knowledge of food with other students.

    Ava Live:

    Ava loves sharing her passion for physical activity. Playing sports, hiking and dancing are just a few ways she keeps her body moving. She is often in the café reminding students to choose foods that help fuel active lifestyles. 


    Theodore Eat:

    Theo is inspired by exploring the endless flavors of food and educating kids about how easy it is to create culinary magic! He encourages everyone to try new foods and enjoys the variety of choices in his school's café. His favorite days are when chefs from the Chefs2Schools program visit the café to share new recipes and cooking tips.


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