• Bullying Prevention

    Chartwells K12 and Prevent Child Abuse America have teamed up to take on bullying where it can commonly take place - in the café and online. Targeted bullying prevention and intervention training has been conducted with thousands of Chartwells K12 associates, giving our teams the tools and knowledge to prevent bullying while also making our teams more comfortable in taking action when they see bullying behaviors.

    To expand on this effort, Chartwells K12 and Prevent Child Abuse America partnered with Hampton Creek to launch #JustStandUp - a social campaign promoting positive online behaviors and building upstanders - instead of bystanders! - among students in and outside of school. 

    Check out our #JustStandUp​​ video, share it with your students, community and social networks to start the conversation:


    Please visit our #JustStandUp blog series for additional tips, tools and resources to begin the dialogue with your students about cyberbullying.

    For more information: