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  • Greene County Schools' New Food Gets Positive Reviews
    Greeneville, TN, Greene County students, as well as faculty and staff members at county schools, are giving high marks to the food prepared by Chartwells, the food services company now operating county school cafeterias, Greene County's Board of Education was told Thursday.

    In the board's first meeting of the current academic year, members were told that longer lines in the cafeterias is the only significant complaint being heard about the effect of Chartwells running the food operations.

    That problem, Chartwells Director of Food Services Dustin Burnette told the board, is likely to improve due to work underway to increase the efficiency of food delivery flow in the cafeterias and preparation logistics in the kitchens.

    He reported to the board that the lunches being served this year across the county school system on the average number about 100 more per cafeteria per day.

    Breakfasts served are down slightly, Burnette said, noting that such a pattern is common at the beginning of a school year as students and families adjust to, and sometimes revise, their daily schedules, including school morning arrival times.

    As family and academic schedules become more finalized and stable, cafeteria breakfast utilization tends to stabilize as well, he said.

    Two South Greene High School students who were visiting the board meeting as an extra credit school project were asked by Chairman Rick Tipton about their perceptions of Chartwells service at their own school, and both gave positive reviews. One said she seldom had lunch in the cafeteria last year, but this year enjoys dining there.

    Several board members said they have dined in school cafeterias across the county so far this year, and said last night that they also were highly pleased by the quality of fare provided by Chartwells.

    ​Greenville Sun​

    August 26, 2016