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  • Breakfast in the Classroom Now Offered at Coronado Elementary
    Coronado Elementary School in Amarillo is now providing free breakfast to all students and teachers, thanks to a program called Breakfast in the Classroom. Coronado Elementary is the 32nd school in the Amarillo Independent School District to offer breakfast. School officials tell ABC 7 News the free breakfast is helping prepare to learn in the classroom.

    "It has been fabulous," said Bria Galt, Principal. "We have seen the kids go right to class and they're happy in the mornings. The kids are excited to be here. The kids that need the breakfast are still getting the breakfast so we've seen a decrease in behaviors in the classroom."

    "Studies have shown when kids aren't hungry when they're fed they have better concentration and they have better hand eye coordination," said Michael Brungo, Residential District Manager Chartwells. "The students are more able to pay attention in the classroom."

    The school's principal tells ABC 7 News some faculty and staff were a little reluctant when hearing about the program. After one week concerns have been eased as both students and teachers start the day off with a free breakfast.

    "At first they were apprehensive," said Galt. "They were worried about spills in the classroom. They were concerned over how much time it was going to take. 

    The breakfast is delivered to each classroom in a cooler on wheels and students get a breakfast and eat right before the class starts so it only takes a few minutes. It's not taking up any of the class time."

    A new app called NutriSlice enables parents to view the menu to see what their kids are eating while at school.

    "Parents can look up any menu," said Brungo. "They can view the menu and see the picture and nutritional value if sons or daughters have any allergies."

    Breakfast in the Classroom is also on a rotational menu so students and teachers get a different breakfast throughout the week.

    Galt tells ABC 7 News 65 percent of the students are on free or reduced lunch so the new breakfast program is helping the campus at all grade levels.​

    ABC7 Amarillo

    August 26, 2016