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  • Jerome Cafe Helps Students Commit to be Fit

    It's a daily challenge for schools all over central Ohio to meet USDA guidelines with foods kids will actually eat.

    Brian Hunt, Senior Dining Services Director at Dublin Jerome High School took a new approach this year.

    "We knew we had to make it made to order, kids making their choices, make it fast and we also had to make it familiar because you gotta get out in the cafeteria and socialize, right?.”

    The new lunch line that is all the talk in the cafeteria was designed by dining subcontractor Chartwells.

    It has all the Mexican mainstays you might find in a restaurant.

    Students are taking advantage of the food and also get a lesson in the philosophy of serving this food.

    Eat, learn, live is how Hunt describes it. Eating made-from-scratch, fresh ingredients.

    Learning things like calorie counts and sustainability, for example, Chartwells buys vegetables, at a reduced price, that may be too small or too large to sell in a store.


    October 4, 2016