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  • Local farmers provide fresh produce for WFISD

    WICHITA FALLS - WFISD students are about to start seeing more options at lunch time. 

    Since the school district voted last year to hire the food service provider, Chartwells, local farmers are now preparing to make their first delivery. 

    Good nutrition helps with your immunity and now fresh veggies are making their way via local farms to school cafeterias in Wichita Falls and they're starting at Booker T. Washington. 

    "We were trying to grow as much produce this winter as possible. So, they were looking for someone to do this first event and we just happen to have produce that they could use," Becky Morath, Morath Orchard Owner, said. 

    Morath Orchard is the first farm to partner with Chartwells and WFISD.

    "It definitely excites me to have more kids exposed to our produce," Morath said. "They're going to be getting spinach, which we're in the spinach house now. But they're also going to be getting broccoli and carrots."

    "Next week when they bring in these local products, we're actually going to feature the spinach in our spring mix salad and then we're going to do fresh tricolored carrots and fresh brocolli," Marci Spruiell, Chartwells Marketing Specialist, said. 

    Spruiell said they are also working with other local farmers.

    "It's extremely important to have locally sourced produce in our schools. With the continuing trend of farm to table, it's very important for us to be able to bring that into our schools and bring them that feeling that they're getting better food, almost restaurant style food," Spruiell said. 

    "If you taste something that was picked the day before, it is amazingly better than something that was, has been sitting on the shelf a lot longer," Morath said. 
    And the folks at Morath Orchard hope this experience teaches these kiddos the importance of having  healthy eating habits in and out of the lunch room.

    Spruiell said depending on the farms and what produce they're growing, the kids will continue to receive a variety of different veggies.​


    February 1, 2018