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  • Mobile kitchen project cooks-up ideas for Chuckey Doak students

    They're mixing things up at Chuckey Doak Middle School.

    A professional chef and registered dietitian showed up with a traveling kitchen on Tuesday. They got kids out of the classroom and got them to cook up a special dish. On the menu today- tacos.

    It sounds simple but the kids get a whiff of what it means to mess up and learn from those mistakes.

    Chef Brandon Lewis says 9 out of 10 students eat better if they have a hand in the preparation.

    "We want to incorporate flavors the students may not have had before and try to get them to change their favorites profile just a little bit just so they can try new things when they go out into the real world and when they go home and maybe select some different ingredients from the grocery store or get some off the farmers market to try to get them to try some new stuff," Lewis said.

    For the same recipe the students used Tuesday, click here then click on the frying pan.​


    December 5, 2017