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  • Newburyport News: School fairs celebrate Nutrition Month

    NEWBURYPORT — Chartwells is celebrating National Nutrition Month in the city’s public schools this month with a campaign called “Love Salad, Explore a Field of Flavors.”

    This is a Chartwells promotion developed to complement the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics’ theme for 2015, “Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle.” Menus this month will feature flavorful and nutritious salads that offer a chance to mix together different flavors and ingredients to create entrees and side dishes.

    Health Fair days will be held at all of the schools in Newburyport. At the Bresnahan School, students will get to try our “Color Burst Salad” featuring dark leafy greens, strawberries and mandarin oranges drizzled with a tangy citrus dressing. Colorful stickers will be given to students for trying this nutritious and delicious salad along with recipe cards for students to take home.

    Our “Love Salad” Health Fairs at the high school, Molin Upper Elementary and Nock Middle schools will feature “Shake It Up,” a display of assorted greens, plant proteins, vegetables, fruits and other toppings. Students will get to create their own salad, then shake it up in a cup as they feed their taste buds and eyes with choices such as jicama, a blend of black, scarlet and blue baby kale, edamame, baked Asian tofu and other items to customize their salads.

    Chartwells regional dietician Ayn Yeagle will be at the high school health fair to discuss with the students the many benefits of eating a healthy diet. Ayn will also answer questions on nutrition and career choices and opportunities in the dietary health care profession. Students will have a chance to enter a raffle to win a basket filled with items for making their own healthy salads.

    National Nutrition Month will be celebrated in our cafes through nutrition education and fun student activities at all grade levels. Preschool student classrooms will also be included in our festivities with a classroom visit from the food service director Sheryn Seale, who will read an educational storybook, “The Two Bite Club,” that was developed to introduce Myplate to young children. Students will then be encouraged to try foods from each food group by eating just two bites.

    From the Newburyport News

    March 11, 2015