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  • Chartwells K12 and KidsGardening.org Launch the Eat. Learn. Live. and Grow Grant and Webinar Series to Support School Gardens

    Chicago – July 27, 2016 – Joined through the shared belief that learning through gardening can be a positive part of every child's education and personal development, Chartwells K12 and KidsGardening.org are excited to introduce the 2016 Eat. Learn. Live. and Grow School Garden Grant and Webinar Series. The grant and webinar are available to any K-12 school seeking to start a new or enhance an existing school garden for students.

    Chartwells K12 and KidsGardening.org have enjoyed an exclusive partnership under a common goal and vision to establish more school gardens and further support those already in place at schools across the country.  During their partnership, the two groups have piloted various programs to support planning, fundraising, planting, growing and food and nutrition education at schools.  The collaboration also lead to a comprehensive resource guide available to all schools.


    As a continuation of their exclusive partnership and in response to identified areas of need in funding and expertise to support the gardens and their teams, Chartwells is supporting a $25,000 grant program administered through KidsGardening.org along with a webinar series lead by gardening expert Charlie Nardozzi, a nationally recognized leader in gardening and children's garden-based learning initiatives. The Series will cover the fundamentals of launching and maintaining a school garden, and provide instructive and creative gardening tips, nutrition education materials and guidance for building community garden support.

    "We're pleased to work alongside such experts and thrilled with the impact of our partnership with KidsGardening.org," said Rhonna Cass, CEO of Chartwells K12. "Not only do we have a shared vision and passion for supporting students' growth and learning about food but working in collaboration directly supports school gardens across the country."

    Through the Chartwells and KidsGardening.org garden pilot program, the partners learned that 71% of program leaders saw an increase in consumption of fruits and vegetables among students confirming both the need and positive benefits of garden engagement and education for kids.

    ​"We're ecstatic to continue our work with Chartwells K12 to help fund school gardens across the country and support garden coordinators through the webinar series," said Maree Gaetani, Director of Mission and Garden Relations, KidsGardening.org "Through our shared values and expertise and Chartwells' leadership and reach, we can directly impact the eating habits and health education of students, educators and parents across the country." 

    Schools can apply for funding and find additional information on the Eat. Learn. Live. and Grow Grants and Webinar Series at ChartwellsK12.com. The deadline to submit an online application for the eat. learn. live. and Grow Grant is August 31, 2016.  


    About Chartwells K12

    Chartwells provides meals to dining services for school districts, ranging from large public institutions to small charter and private schools, and prides itself on creating customized programs to match the requests of the students, parents and faculty. Chartwells is a culinary-focused organization with a mission to extend its passion, dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm into serving each student delicious and nutritious meals. The company is built on decades of food and education experience and driven by top culinary, nutrition, wellness and sustainability talent. For more information, visit http://www.ChartwellsK12.com/.


    About KidsGardening.org

    Beginning with 50 youth garden grants in 1982, KidsGardening.org has reached an estimated 1.5 children and contributed close to $4.4 million dollars in funding to youth gardening initiatives across the U.S.  The national non-profit creates opportunities for kids to learn through the garden, engaging their natural curiosity and wonder by providing inspiration, know-how, networking opportunities, and top-rated curriculum and educational resources.  Believing that learning through gardening creates generations of kids connected to their food and community and engaged in nurturing a healthy planet, KidsGardening.org strives to make sure every child has the opportunity to learn and grow in a garden.

    July 27, 2016